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Virtual Panel Series: UNCITRAL Texts and COVID-19 Response and Recovery- Day 4: Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Public Procurement

Cuando: 14 de julio, 2020

Hora: 6:00 am - 8:00 am


Panel I: In many countries, public services or public facilities are operated under PPP contracts. They typically impose obligations on the PPP partner to ensure the continuity and general, non-discriminatory availability of public services. COVID-19 related measures by Government may lead to cost increases (or lost revenue) due to health measures (fewer customers and users, mandatory distri- bution of masks, disinfecting equipment, etc.) ordered by the contracting authority. The UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on PPPs contemplates mechanisms for dealing with contract adjustment claims, or eventual termination, in a balanced manner that takes into account the public interest as well as the legitimate interests of the PPP partner. The session will discuss the relevant provisions of Legislative Guide against the backdrop of COVID-19, and how they enable governments to respond to such an emergency.

Panel II: Public procurement has been a key issue in the COVID-19 context – both the sudden and highly urgent need for medical equipment and services in quantities that are thousands of multiples of normal requirements, most of which are procured internati- onally, as well as the continuing need for normal government business to procure the goods and services necessary to deliver services to citizens. This session will focus mainly on emergency procurement, competition and collaboration in the COVID-19 crisis.


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